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What Are The Benefits Of A Concrete Patio?

What are benefits concrete patio

There are many benefits of using concrete over other materials to build a patio. Two other commonly used materials are wood and composite wood. Both of these items have cons to them that do not allow them to last as long as concrete. These same issues do not affect concrete.

For wood, no matter if it is treated wood or hardwood, it will eventually rot. With some of these materials being able to last much longer than others, they have the potential to last a while, but eventually the wood will rot. Another problem is that the wood can splinter or chip off due to traffic flow either from people and pets or equipment like a grill and chairs. This can look bad and also leave splinters on bare feet. Even if the wood does last awhile, as some do, you then need to worry about the nails or screws rusting away.

Composite material has a few similar problems and a few differences. You still need to worry about the screws rusting off allowing boards to pop off. On the other hand, you no longer have to worry about wood rot, but the con to this hybrid material is that in Florida's hot sun it tends to warp from the heat and this unfortunately is irreversible. With the price of this material being so high even replacing a few boards here and there can add up very quickly.

Both of these patios also suffer from one major problem as well. They both are built on a hollow raised platform. This allows for many different animals to live under them. These animals can be dangerous, like snakes and spiders, or just problematic like ants and cockroaches.

With the concrete slab being solid you do not need to worry about pests. The concrete is not affected by the heat, and concrete does not rot.

Where Not To Put A Patio

There are a few places you can not put a patio. A patio cannot be put on any sprinkler heads or the sprinkler head will not work. A deck can not be built over a septic tank or its lines. If this is done the deck will have to be destroyed in order for a new septic tank or its lines to be installed. One last example is that a deck can not be put on a high-risk area of erosion. This is due to the fact that if the ground below the concrete is eroded that concrete can eventually break from not having a solid bottom surface.

If you are worried about these issues, bring them up to a professional concrete contractor and they can easily resolve them. A sprinkler head can be relocated if that is needed. To ensure it does not affect your septic tank and its lines, the contractor can have the tank located and look up where the drain lines flow to avoid building on top of them.

What Can Be Put On A Concrete Patio

Due to its strength, a concrete patio can handle a lot. You can build support beams inside the slab to create a roof for protection and shade. You can put a small shed on it for storage of lawn material or pool attire. It is most commonly used to hold grilling equipment or deck attire like lawn chairs or certain fire pits. These items can really elevate your backyard and make it more functional. This allows you to use even more of your property on a daily basis.

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