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Concrete Patios & Pool Deck Installation For Navarre Properties


Navarre has some of the best summer days where a grill out or just hanging out by a fire pit on a concrete patio is nothing but bliss. With Florida being the sunshine state, let us build you a concrete patio to take your backyard to the dream backyard everyone wants to be at. We are the most trusted and experienced concrete contractor in Navarre that truly has our customer's best interests in mind.

A concrete patio can be used for so many activities whether it is in the front or backyard. We ensure that the concrete patio is reinforced for stability and has a smooth finish on the top and sides to leave the desired look. A patio can be used for just simply setting some rocking chairs and relaxing, or setting up a grill for those days you just don't want to cook inside. Allow us to give you this ability with countless usages with a beautiful concrete patio.

With this, your backyard is taken to the next level. Why stop there when you can take part in our concrete driveway installation? Whether it's replacing your old cracked one or building a new one, we have you covered. We can do one in the front yard, or the side of your house for extra vehicles or boats, next to your concrete patio, or even ones that go all the way to your shed/workshop in your backyard. Call us today at 850-376-5945 to let us pave the way to you having that driveway you've been dreaming of.

Pavement Pool Deck Installation

A pool is the best relief from our hot summer days, but around that pool, you need a deck, and wood decks just don't hold up. After you have invested so much into your pool it would be a shame to surround it with a wood deck that will eventually rot, so instead allow us to build you a concrete pool deck that will last you a lifetime. This care to detail is why United Concrete LLC is trusted by their clients.

With how expensive pools are you want to make sure it's done the way you want it, and we at United Concrete LLC know this, which is why we are able to build the pool deck however you would like it. Whether it is from your back door or connecting to a patio, we will ensure it is done the way you wish. With our expert concrete contractors, we are able to form the mold in the area and shape you desire, then reinforce the ground and concrete to ensure it lasts as long as possible. After that smooth top surface, it is done. All you will have to do is put down some lawn chairs and soak in that summer sun.

Walkways Installation

Whether it is a walk from your driveway to your house, or your back door to your pool, a concrete walkway is the best choice. We are able to make the path to connect the areas of your choice. This will allow for a clean and easy walkway that will just bring everything to the next level.

These walkways can be placed in many different places around your home. Some common requests are listed below. These addons make your home the way you've always pictured it, and we want to help achieve that and continue elevating your home to the next level. This will allow you to continue transforming your home into your dream house. Here's a look at some things we can take care of for you:

  • Driveway to your home
  • Concrete patio to your pool deck
  • Backyard to the driveway
  • Around a garden
  • From a shed/garage
  • To a gazebo or similar structures

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