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Concrete Sidewalk Installation Professionals Serving Navarre


With Navarre having so many beautiful areas, many residents like to take walks outside and walking on the ground is not always the best option. This is where a concrete sidewalk installation can be useful! With our concrete sidewalks, we can surround parks, neighborhoods, or bodies of water allowing many to walk around on a clean smooth surface. We here at United Concrete LLC aim to be the most reliable and trusted concrete contractor for Navarre residents.

A concrete sidewalk installation can be a big job which is why having an experienced and trusted company is vital. Our team can circumnavigate through and around the largest areas so that your sidewalk can be in the area you desire. We also know that Florida heat can destroy concrete if not made correctly. This is why on our concrete sidewalk installation we prepare for the swelling and contraction of concrete reacting with heat. We do this by specifically placing gaps between slabs to allow the swelling to happen without cracks forming by the two pieces colliding, or too large gaps in them allowing for plants or grass to grow between them. We ensure that the sidewalk is installed in the shape and desired location you wish so that it can perform the way you need it to.

If your sidewalk has recently been installed, it may also be a good time to see if you need a new concrete driveway installation. A driveway on average last between 25-30 years, but can last up to 50 if taken care of. If your driveway has hit its limits it would be a good time for us to give you a new one. If you suspect this is needed call us at 850-376-5945 so we can help guide you in making the right choice.

Pavement Walkways

Whether it is residential or commercial pavement walkways needed, here at United Concrete LLC we can provide the outcome you desire. With our concrete contractors being skilled in a diverse range of tasks, we can discuss the outcome you want and execute to the gold standard you deserve.

With parks and neighborhoods being so large now, a pavement walkway is the most reliable and lasting way to enjoy afternoon walks for years to come. We can surround a pond, connect to playgrounds, or even fill ball fields with walkways from field to field. No matter the areas needing to be connected, our team can ensure it is performed up to your visual standards as well as built to last even through Florida's harsh summers.

With residential houses, a pavement pathway can be installed to connect your driveway to your front door, and if you need a concrete driveway installation at the same time we can do both while we are there. It is often also installed to connect a side door to the backyard or to go through a garden. There are many other places where a pavement walkway can come in handy so call us today at 850-376-5945 to allow us to help you figure out what walkways you need.

Concrete Patio Installation

A concrete patio can be installed on any side of your home. Whether you're looking for a relaxing place to read a book or somewhere to set up a grill, there is no more reliable surface than a concrete patio. This will ensure stability and longevity to your patio.

A patio is an ideal spot for so many activities especially when you use a company like United Concrete LLC that is able to make it where and in what shape you desire. Whether it is just a rectangle or a more complex round shape with the center left open for a fire pit, our concrete contractors have the means and knowledge to do it. So call today at 850-376-5945 to see what we can do for you.

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