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3 Perks Of A Concrete Foundation

3 perks of concrete foundation

As the leading concrete contractor on the Gulf Coast, we know a thing or two about foundations. There are many different types of ways to build a house in our area. You can choose to do a concrete foundation, on stilts, or a raised foundation. We recommend a concrete foundation in areas it is possible. Here are three reasons we prefer concrete foundations.

Keep in mind each foundation has its purpose and in some areas, a concrete foundation is not suitable. For example houses on the beach are on stilts to allow water during hurricanes and storms to flow under them. If you need help knowing if a concrete foundation is right for you give us a call at 850-376-5945.


Concrete is the strongest material a foundation is made from. With the solid pours and rebar inside it takes a large impact to typically break your foundation. This is why most homes and businesses use a concrete foundation.

With its strength, it can handle erosion very well. With all the spring rains this is important so that the moisture does not penetrate your home and cause rotting. It can also hold the most weight of the typical foundations. This is why large businesses use concrete foundations if possible. With all the weight equipment can add up to be, it needs to be able to stand up to all the challenges. If it can hold up a supermarket it will have no trouble holding up to the weight of your home.


When a concrete foundation installation is occurring, one of the first steps taken is to prepare the ground. The compacted soil, while making sure it stays level, makes sure that the concrete can sit on the soil without the worry of a soft spot causing a collapse. Since this is done, it gives a large surface area for the building to sit on giving it strength and stability to harsh winds and rains.

This large surface makes it where even tornadoes struggle to shift the slab. Heavy rains like during hurricanes may make part of the soil erode causing a side to be exposed, but a solid foundation will hold strong and does its job protecting your property.


With concrete being a strong material you know it will be able to last you a lifetime. You do now need to worry about the floor rotting due to water being held under your foundation. This makes the Florida rains not affect your homes nearly as bad since the rain never travels under the foundation.

You can also see that even homes from the 80s and 70s are still standing, never needing the foundation to be replaced. The concrete used back then is not nearly as sturdy as what is used today. We know that if homes built 80 or 90 years ago can still stand, that our home will last even longer with the more reliable concrete we use today.

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